According to Wikipedia, 27% of residents in Latvia in 2010 were Russian native speaking, and that is why Latvia is home to voice recording talents who can offer their services in Latvian and in Russian.  Since 2005, demand for various types of recordings in Latvian and Russian has steadily risen.  Latvia’s geographic location means that we can offer voice recordings aimed at the Baltic States and the market of Russian-speaking countries.  You may find more information about Latvia on the official government homepage

During the course of our history, we have received offers on voice recordings from 70 agencies throughout the world, and at this time we have stable partnerships with 35 companies.  Some are large, international and multilingual companies, while others are smaller and local partners. Our best known international partners >

We specialise in voice recordings without linkage to video materials.  Such recordings are common for a wide variety of manufacturing and service sectors, including technical instructions, telephone answering recordings, telephone surveys, advertisements, audio guides, GPS navigation recordings, presentations, educational programmes, audio books and documentary films.  We have less experience in recording audio or producing subtitles for films, cartoons and soap operas, but we have constantly expanded our offer because our technologies are sufficient for the further development of services in the stated areas.  Learn more about our offer here >.