VHS, Video8, Hi8 and miniDV Capturing to Digital Video or DVD-Video


    Save your precious video recordings! Video cassette can be a safe carrier of recording in avarage for 15 years and only then if you take care for proper storage conditions.

  We offer copying of VHS, Video8, Hi8 and miniDV material on a safer and more convenient carrier for more prolonged life time for companies, organizations, and privats. The copied material can be delivered in every popular video file format (mpg, mp4, mov, avi) and in such media storing devices as USB Flash memory, external USB HDD, USB SSD, DVD-ROM, DVD-Video. This adds the advantage to copy the digital video files without loosing quality. We offer to sign an agreement for doing this job.

The offer includes:

  • recording the video material straight from a VCR to a DVD-Video disc without editing. That eliminates the option of improving the video quality and editing the material, which is provided when capturing the video to PC;
  • capturing the video material to PC and returned in the desired media and video file format. Basic video processing job is done: Fade In/Out at the Start and End, removed Synchrosignal stripes  at the bottom of the picture, large empty spaces or severe tape errors cut out, improved quality of the Soundtrack. Basic video improvements: Brightness and Contrast, Saturation, Levels. Of coarse one can have this improved material be still burned to DVD-Video as well;
  • Additional Video Processing: editing and improving the material by cutting waste material and tape errors, automation of Levels across Timeline, Colour correction, Crossfading the instances of scene shifting, improving the quality of Sountrack.
  • Reduction of video noise with the NEAT VIDEO softwear can be done for extra price, because this processing increases the time needed for Rendering the final video file at least 1,5 times.

Attention! We do not copy copyrighted authorized content, such as officially released films, cartoons, concerts, etc.

The schedule of delivery depends on the volume of work and the tasks for video processing(automatic cpoying to DVD-Video or improved video).  A faster delivery can be provided for extra charge.


  • Direct copying the material by a DVD Recorder to DVD-Video without editing- € 2.00 for 1 hour of material. The price for DVD disc and burning it- € 1,00
  • Capturing the video cassette to PC and converting to the chosen file format (mp4, mpg, mov, avi,...) including only Basic processing- € 6 per 1 hour of finished video
  • Additional Video Processing and editing, including Sound, 1 hour of finished video- € 8

Extra price for Noise reduction with NEAT VIDEO - € 2 for 1 h of material

Titling at the start and end of film- from € 2.00, depending on the tasks and amount of job


Video cassette recorders:

  1. Panasonic NV-HS 860 S-VHS HiFi, with 3D Digital Noise Filter and Line TBC (Time Base Corrector).That is a Video Recorder which is recognized as one of the best VCRs in the World for video digitising.
  2. LG LV-880  HiFi VHS, one of the last models,
  3. Sony SLV-SE 630  HiFi VHS, a VCR,
  4. LG BL-162W  Super Multi System VHS
  5. Sony DCR-TRV33E  miniDV videocamera

All VCRs with very little wear.


  1. Panasonic DMR- ES10  DVD-Video Recorder with Noise Reduction filters and Line TBC (Time Base Corrector) in the Analog Video Inputs.  Cleans up the signal and straightens out the lines in video from VHS cassettes. Is used for direct DVD-Video recording from VHS, or as Passthrough device for improving video quality when capturing to PC;

  2. Canopus ADVC 55-  multisystem video convertor, output format DV-SD .avi, 720x576

  3. Sony DCR-TRV33E  miniDV videocamera with Analog video Passthrough, DV-SD .avi, 720x576


  1. Sony Vegas Video Pro 12.0,
  2. WinDV