We provide trusted voice recording services at Radio Latvia!



 Due to the fact that Mix Pro Studio Latvia Ltd. has moved their operation to Madona city, Latvia, we utilise various recording studios: Madona Voice Recording studio, Latvian Radio studio #7 and some studios are choosen by speakers themselves.

Radio Theatre studio in Latvian state Radio (Studio #7)  is a studio which has experienced decades of voice recordings and has all of the acoustic properties that are necessary for that purpose.  Our state-of-the-art technologies mean that the studio has a wide range of technological and software tools.

We use high-quality Neumann TLM 127 microphones ( a cousin to the ubiquitous U-87 microphone), SSL XL-Desk console as well as the Drawmer Noise Filter DF320 and the dbx studio dynamics processor 168A in the channel insert.  We can also use the well known TL Audio Dual Valve preamplifier/compressor instead of the console’s preamp.  We also use:

  • Primary acoustic control:  Tannoy Dual Concentric 18
  • Nearfield acoustic control:  Yamaha HS-80
  • Microphones:  The best models from Neumann, Senheiser, AKG and Shure
  • Sound processing and effects:  dbx Studio Dynamics Processor 168A, Drawmer Noise Filter DF 320, TL Audio C1-Dual Valve preamplifier/compressor, Lexicon PCM 70, Eventide Ultra Harmonizer H3000-D/XH, and Digitech TSR-24S.

A typical voice recording project would include a Neumann TLM127 mike, the TL Audio Valve Preamplifier, the SSL XL-Desk console, the dbx Studio Dynamics processor 168A, and the Drawmer Noise Filter DF 320.  We use widely known recording and sound processing software such as Steinberg Nuendo, Magix Vegas and Magix Sound Forge.  We use software plug-ins from Waves for sound processing.  Finished sound files can be saved in all major formats. Clients are welcome to assist in the recording process at the studio or remotely via  Skype or Zoom.

We work with professional Radio Latvia presenters and with professional actors as needed.

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